Saying Goodbye with my Response

What’s up, everyone? So as you’ve probably guessed by the title and the excerpt, this door is closing for me. As fun as it was to be a blogger this past year, it was a hard decision to make. However, given the fact that I couldn’t give as much content to you guys because life got so busy with school and the Disney College Program, I decided to stop blogging for a while and focus on other things (such as different writing projects). 
This does NOT MEAN, however, that this will be a sad post! Instead, we are going to celebrate quillegible and send it off with a response to a post made almost a year ago come August! 
I wrote a letter to my future self after my junior year of college on August 22nd as part of my August blog challenge (which I completed with flying colors, thank you very much!). If you want to see the letter before reading the response, click here. So, without further ado, my response letter!


Dear Past Me,
Hi! I hope everything’s well! So much has happened over the past school year that I hardly know where to start!

Well, for starters, I didn’t get into a sorority. I’m too old to catch up with the whippersnappers so it actually worked out for the best. I did join a workout club, though, and have been able to run a half marathon in April. Even better, the half marathon was Star Wars themed!

(Kylo Ren wanted me to join the Dark Side. I said no and to eat a snickers cause you’re not you when you’re hungry.)

I was BB-8 because who else would I be? In addition, I applied and got accepted into the DCP which is basically what this blog became was a DCP blog! Not complaining, though.

Other than that, been taking classes and making new friends has made me very busy to the point where I can’t write regularly on this blog anymore. For that and other reasons, this will be my last post. 

But there’s so much exciting stuff coming that I’m actually super excited for what’s to come! So I’m not sad but glad for the time I’ve had as a blogger! 

Can’t wait to see what senior year brings!


Future Me

The DCP Countdown Begins…


Hello and welcome to the Quillegible blog of happiness! If you don’t know what quillegible means, it basically means that it’s a tremendous compliment to a writer by calling their writing a gift from the Gods. (Look at the website title if you don’t believe me!)

Oh. My. Good. Lord. My Disney College Program experience officially begins 10 days from now, and guess how excited I am? (Hint: a little more than the Linda Belcher up there)

This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I am not only honored at this chance but also extremely nervous and anxious because my itinerary has yet to show up (#latearrivalprobs). 

So, to pass the time, I will be doing an additional daily DCP blog that’ll sort of tie in to my other Disney blog posts but will also be separate because it’s a countdown series. Today, since there are only 10 days left before my check-in, I decided it would be appropriate to list my Top 10 places that I would love to work at. Since I’m a Seater, I’m particularly excited about the restaurants at Walt Disney World since there are so many of them. Now I don’t know of any horror stories about any of the restaurants, and this list is strictly built by my opinion, so if you find yourself disagreeing with me, I apologize in advance.

10. 50’s Prime Time Café

The thing about all these restaurants at Walt Disney World is that it’s not just the food but the overall experience and the story they tell. After the World War II era of the 1940’s, the 1950’s has always been known as a decade of prosperity because Wall Street was finally able to crawl out of the Depression of the 1930’s and become an economic pillar in the United States again. 50’s Prime Time Café tells the story and gives us the experience of that prosperous decade that is otherwise known as the inspiration behind every primary school sock hop. To be a Seater here would be a fun bash in Fat City!

9. Olivia’s Café

I’ll admit…I had no idea there was a place called Olivia’s Café until I looked it up! Now I can only hope that I work there just so I could say I did! Now I don’t know if they have Seaters at this particular restaurant, but I really hope they do! 

8. Rainforest Café

Rainforest Café is a national chain of restaurants, so it’s certainly not unfamiliar to me. However, the experience of the restaurant where there’s a rainstorm every 30 minutes is nothing short of enchanting to all the kids who come to eat, and it’d be great to experience that as a Seater.

7. Victoria and Albert’s

I’ve heard so many good things about Victoria and Albert’s that the only bad thing is its price. Being a Seater in this restaurant would call for grace, a pleasant smile, and elegance. Working here would feel like working at Buckingham Palace!

6. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Resaturant

I dined here once with my family and we had a great time. The food was decent, but everyone was so nice and it was a lot of fun feeling like we were actually in a drive-in theater! To be a Seater here would be a fun experience when I guide people into the restaurant and I see their faces.

5. Club Villain at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Because it’s a Club, I don’t know if they need a Seater, but if they do, sign me up! Club Villain is deliciously evil from the drinks to the villains themselves, so being a Seater and having the chance to interact with this kind of place would be a barrel of laughs! Evil laughs, that is!

4. Ohana

Ohana means family, so if I work at Ohana, I’d get the real feel for family, which isn’t that what Disney is all about? Plus, someone probably has to clean up after Stitch’s messes, and I’d volunteer for that!

3. 1900 Park Fare

1900 Park Fare is a classic luncheon place that would be a dream to work at, because I would be the first face the guests see when they walk through the door. Plus, I love that classic 1900’s experience, much like I love the vibe of the 50’s!

2. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Who doesn’t want to be treated like royalty? Akershus is crazy full of people who just want to have a good experience at the end of the day, and I’d love to help however I can.

And Number 1 place for me to work is…

1. Crystal Palace

This is the place where I first met Pooh Bear and fell in love with Disney. This is a very personal reason for me to work there, but honestly, that’s the love that’s gotten me into the College Program, and it’d be fitting for me to work at the place that started it all for me.
Now I may get into one of these places, or I may get into none of them. These are only my top restaurants I’d love to work at, but at the end of the day, I get to work at one of the most magical places on Earth, and that’s more than enough for me.

Where are the places you’d love to work at Disney?

August – Day 6

august blog prompt featured image

Hello, everyone! (Or as we like to say down here in good ol’ College Station, howdy!) Fun fact: did you know that Big Hero 6 is the first Marvel movie to be released by Disney Studios, yet does not take place in the actual Marvel cinematic universe? So much for Tadashi and Thor having a “who’s the better big brother” showdown! (Too soon? Oops. Sorry.)


Anyways, today is Day 6 of the August Blogging Challenge, so as promised here is yet another August blog. Today’s prompt:

6. Tips for Dressing for Super-Hot Weather

Now, since this is Texas, and technically the only rule is “don’t wear black if you want to live in August in Texas”, I decided to have fun and have a lookbook of sorts of different outfits that could be worn in Texas without sweating too much.

Texas Waves: Tank Top – H&M, High-Rise Shorts – Forever 21, Denim Overlay Shirt – Red Tulips, Necklaces – Charming Charlie’s
Wildflower: Tank Top – H&M, Long Necklace – Charming Charlie’s, Rose Necklace – Kohl’s, Shorts – Rue 21
Sunset: Dress – Gift, Necklace – Charming Charlie’s, Belt – Kohl’s

Sorry these pictures aren’t the best, but with the one man show I’ve got right now, I’ve just gotta make do with what I got! If you guys want more fashion or want to see these pieces in action, let me know in the comments down below or on that glorious Contact page!