Mickey Mouse Mondays! – DCP Prep Part I

Happy New Years and Happy Mickey Mouse Monday, everybody! 

For those of you who don’t know, Mickey Mouse Monday is the day of the week where we get to celebrate all things Disney, and today is extra special because, for the whole of January, I will be prepping for my internship at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando!

It’s such an honor and a blessing to be able to have this opportunity, so to celebrate, I will be doing DCP (or Disney College Program) Prep posts for the whole of January, starting with a very basic (but fun craft).

We’ve all seen those adorable long sleeved shirts with the writing on the back that extends past the shoulders that says a specific location or name. Here’s an example of one from a shop on Etsy called BlingItByDesign:

But shirts like these can range from $25 to $45, which on a typical college budget, could have paid for dinner for 3 nights. And I don’t know about you guys, but I like food. So, how do you get a shirt like this for less than $10? 

You will need:

  • A Sharpie
  • A T-shirt cardboard frame
  • A $5 long sleeved shirt

You can get the shirt from anywhere, but I got mine from Hobby Lobby because it’s a decent quality shirt for a really low price.

The first thing you need to do is plan out what you want to draw on your shirt. This is the major difference between what people sell on Etsy and what a kindergartener would make. For me, I planned out what was going on the shirt, found the correct font for it (Waltogram!), and even planned out the number of letters in each word so that the design looks even.

Next, put the long sleeved shirt over the T-shirt frame and start drawing! I recommend you draw your design in pencil first so that, if you make a mistake, you can erase it and start over. Then, draw it in sharpie.

Part of that World…

Based off of suggestions from fellow Disney fans, I decided to go with an Ariel theme due to the red shirt. Sketching her out was so difficult to do on cotton!

The font is so cool!
Completed Ariel

Note: the smell of the sharpie is insane, so be careful when you’re drawing on the shirt!
And there you have it! Part I is complete. I made another shirt like this one and I will be wearing one of them when I check in to the Disney College Program on January 30th. So if you’re in the program and you see me, feel free to say hi! 

Always try on your shirt to make sure it fits!

What else should I do to prep for the College Program? Let me know and I might include it in a future post! Want to see more Disney fun or crafty craziness? Check out my other posts below!

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5 Ways to CONTAIN Your Crafty Side!


Imagine this: you’re finishing a delicious cup of coffee in the early morning, watching the mist change into light dew on the grass. You finish your coffee and decide to go make another cup. One problem, though…you’re all out of coffee!


So what do you do with an empty coffee container? I think the better question is what can’t you do!


Coffee containers don’t have to be just for coffee, they can also be for anything that needs a container. Here are the top 5 ways (and craft ideas) to reuse those lovable jars.

5: Money


Have a special event or vacation in mind that you need saving up for? Transforming your Folgers into a Direct Deposit is a great way to store your pocket change for something useful! Why not use mason jars like in the picture above? Cause Folgers containers will have more room.

4. Dispensers

Halloween Plastic Container Candy Holder
Home Talk

No, I’m not JUST talking about Halloween (Although who wouldn’t want to serve candy out of one of those bad boys?), I’m talking about all year, every year! They can hold Valentines for Valentines’ Day (instead of a big, bulky bag), they can hold the best cookies Grandma ever made (and you don’t have to pay $20 for an expensive glass jar!), and hide the liquor from the kids for Saint Patrick’s Day (or hide the liquor for whenever…I won’t judge).

3. Toys









‘Toys’ is a very broad term here, because you can use the containers to store small toys like Barbie’s clothes or Hot Wheels, but the containers can also be toys themselves. Why buy a $35 toy drum set when you can make one with a few coffee containers and a hot glue gun? Or, if you don’t have kids, you can make bongos out of these coffee containers to annoy your neighbors and roommates! (Just don’t tell them it was my idea!)

2. Art


Painting and collages are so last year, right? Nowadays, people can take anything and make it into art, from bicycle tires to locks and keys. You don’t really hear about coffee containers a whole lot, not even for the lids. Think of this as a challenge or an inspiration for your inner artist. (Just remember to tell everyone it WAS my idea!)



The most wonderful time of the year is the best time for crafting, and coffee containers are the perfect start! Other than cookies (which I mentioned previously), you can also make coffee containers into little money jars for presents, put presents inside of the containers (instead of boring old boxes), make the containers part of the nativity scene, or even make them part of the Christmas tree! Even though Halloween is coming up very quickly, it’s never too early to think about Christmas. ‘Tis always the season for crafts!










Like the ideas in this article? Check out my other Wednesday crafty articles for more fun crafty experiments!

Halloween Decorations Mystery Solved!

Doing it by the Notebook…

Stay Cool, my Disney Friends…

(Disclaimer: None of the pictures or gifs shown here are my own.)

Nightmare Before Burton!




It’s only a matter of time before I can bring out the Ring…

Anyway, happy Mickey Mouse Monday everybody! Hope you’re having just as good of a day as I am. Last week we took Hocus Pocus and made it into a cooking show that’ll put a spell on any Halloween party. This week is going to be all about spooky scary skeletons named Jack Skellington, and the genius behind his creation, Tim Burton.


Tim Burton as been known to be a master when it comes to the creepy and the spooky, and turning it into something that’ll charm every viewer. Who needs Freddie Krueger when you’ve got Edward Scissorhands? Forget Murder House, give me Bettlejuice!

There’s no denying it, Tim Burton has accomplished weird, and Nightmare Before Christmas is no exception. To celebrate, I’m going to give a list of the best halloween decorations that might or might not have taken over other holidays. Decorations that would make Burton proud.

Crafting Mommy of Two

Too lazy to make different wreaths for different times of the year? Well, why not make a wreath that’ll satisfy both holidays? The Christmas Wreath from Nightmare Before Christmas is a perfect way to accomplish that. Of course, everyone’s done this wreath before, but the good news is that so long as you have the eyes and the teeth, you can accessorize it any way you want. Put a monogram on it, or whatever floats your boat.


Of course, there’s always a certain element of class when it comes to Burton’s movies. He never really goes off the handle, and these pumpkins capture that. Of course, you could make one of these pumpkins a bleeding head and the other one say “Off with your head” and it would still look good in my opinion. Either way, it’ll definitely get you a-head of your neighbors when it comes to Halloween decor!





One Stop Party Ideas

Want to keep all the Halloween candy you bought this year? This will surely do the trick! Did you guys know that Tim Burton actually directed James and the Giant Peach? Well that’s great news for us Halloweeners, because that means we can do whatever bug type stuff we want and it counts as something Tim Burton would do!



With only two more weeks to go and then Halloween is upon us, let’s not forget the wonderful contributions of Tim Burton and Nightmare Before Christmas.

How do you decorate for Halloween Disney-style?








Halloween Decorations Mystery Solved!


Tired of spending over $50 dollars on Halloween decorations? Yeah, so was I. In fact, just last year I took another look at what I spent for Halloween decorations that I don’t even have anymore and you know what I could have bought with that much money?

Yeah. Food. #collegelife


Anyway, to remedy that, I decided to visit the local Dollar Tree in College Station, just to see what they would have. And, believe it or not, they had more to offer than I previously thought.

For example, for today’s Crafty Wednesday, I wanted to decorate my bedroom window which is situated right next to the front door of our apartment. While door wreaths are nice and all, it would be pretty cool to have something extra to the decorum. It’s like searching your trick or treat bag and finding an extra piece of candy at the bottom.

With that in mind, I used a little imagination, a black plastic tablecloth, and some lights. Yeah. That’s it. $2 at the Dollar Tree = about $50 worth at any Halloween store.


First, you start off with the black tablecloth and some scissors to make some silhouettes. Because I’m not a professional tablecloth cutter, I wanted to go with something basic. A little black cat and a cute moon were really all I needed given the size of my window, but if you have a larger window, then go crazy with however many silhouettes your little heart desires.

Then, you use clear packaging tape to stick them to the window. After that, all you have to do is add on, whether that’s lights, lanterns, or even window markers. Because my roommates wanted to include purple lighting, I also went with purple.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The hardest part was definitely the cutting. The tablecloth I had was very flimsy, so I had to be super careful when cutting just to make sure that I didn’t accidentally cut the cat’s head off! Also, I didn’t use any cutouts for references, I was pretty much going in on this blind, and got lucky. If you feel you have that kind of artistic talent, then feel free to also go saddle free, otherwise, I’d recommend a cutout of some kind.

Do you have any tricks on treating your wallet for decorations this Halloween?

I’ve Put a Spell on Mickey Mouse Mondays!


Anyone else want to go to Disney World for Halloween? Like it’s a bucket list thing? No? Just me? Okay.


Well, first off, I have returned from a multi-week hiatus, and I am so, so sorry for that. I have been so busy running around getting through school, applying for the Disney College Program, and doing my thing that I’ve put Quillegible on the back burner and I really want to stop that for a number of reasons.

  1. I love writing, so to not write is an unforgiveable crime to me.
  2. I want to pursue writing in some fashion as a professional career, and what better way to impress potential employers than to have a blog to show them?
  3. If #2 doesn’t happen, then professional blogging is a thing, and the sooner this blog becomes bigger the better, cause that could mean making a lot of money.

With that said, I will be holding myself more accountable by (hopefully) not making as many blog posts for the present. So, as of right now, the set schedule is:

Mickey Mouse Mondays – Every Monday

Crafty Wednesdays – Every Wednesday

Book Review Friday – Every Friday

If this does not happen then feel free to come after me with torches and pitch forks.

But enough of the technical nonsense. IT’S OCTOBER BABY!!



And to celebrate, I thought I’d celebrate the Mickey Mouse Mondays of October by doing a little series that I’d like to call Hocus Pocus Month, where I talk about everything involving Disney and Halloween, whether that’s Disney Channel movies or tips and tricks for dressing up as your favorite Disney characters.

For this month, I thought I’d talk about the one and only Disney Channel Halloween movie I’ve seen yet, Hocus Pocus.



For those of you who don’t know (and live in caves probably), Hocus Pocus is about a teenage boy named Max who is new to the town of Salem. He stupidly ignites a candle that unleashes the wrath of three diva-licious witches (played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy respectively) and hilarious Halloween misadventures ensues.



Now since that was over 20 years ago, you wouldn’t think that the movie would be very relevant to this day. But that, ladies and gentlemen, is where you are wrong. I present to you…the recipe book of spells!


The Gloss

Based off of the movie, I’ve compiled a few ideas on great Halloween treats that’ll surely put a spell on you and all your Halloween party guests!


About Food

Since the movie is all about witches, what better appetizer to start off a night of enchantment than with witches’ fingers? Don’t worry, they’re fresh!















A Stuffed Pumpkin with Sausage and Gruyère…yeah, it’s as good as it sounds. And what better way to serve guests than with their own little pumpkin instead of a bowl?














(Drinkers for Drinkers)

Poor little Thackery Binx, turned into a black cat for all eternity. Luckily for us, though, his misfortunes inspired a little potion of our own! 1 part black vodka, and 1 part Chambord, this delectable martini will really enchant your evening!


What are some favorite Halloween recipes of your own?











‘Rules of Murder’ by Julianna Deering


Boy, is it good to be reading again.

Happy Friday, everybody! Since October is only a few weeks away, I figured I’d get a head start on everything creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, and altogether ooky, by reading the work of a new mystery author: Julianna Deering.


Julianna Deering, otherwise known as DeAnna Julie Dodson, published Rules of Murder only three years ago, the first in a series of books centered around the dashingly humble gentleman named Drew Farthering, a man with no experience in crime or mysteries (save for Agatha Christie and Father Ronald Knox) yet is rich enough (and charming enough) to skirt around law enforcement and solve the mystery with his good buddy Nick and the infuriatingly attractive Madeline Parker, the niece of his step-father, Mason Parker.

Thank God this book took place in the 1930’s and not today, otherwise this story could have ended very differently.

As a respectable fan of any murder mystery novel, I will say that were many similarities to Christie’s novels as to how the story unfolded with the turn of the page. For instance, the story took place in England in the 1930’s, much like the usual setting for Hercule Poirot’s adventures. In addition, the scenes with Madeline and Drew were absolutely precious. Since women’s rights have become a global advocacy issue in the later part of the 19th century, Deering is able to pull off a female character who is the stereotypical love interest, but also a stereotypical love interest who wants to solve the mystery for personal reasons, and not for the stereotypical “adventurous” reasons.

My favorite example is when Drew and Nick are arguing as to whether to bring Madeline along at one point and Drew points out that crime’s no place for women. Nick calls Drew out by stating that he’s been constantly distracted by her and that’s why he (Drew) doesn’t want her around.


The only real problem I had with the book was that there were times where the book was just…gloomy. I really don’t know how else to put it, but some scenes (especially later on in the novel) were depressing. Granted, we are talking about a murder mystery here, and murder can be very depressing on top of the shock of it all, but sometimes the attitude was a little too dark to where at one point even the adorable Madeline/Drew scenes were just sad.

I might be spoiled, though, because I’m used to dealing with Poirot where dealing with murder is an art form to him whereas this novel featured a young man who had never seen a murder before in his life. But still. I digress.

Overall, Rules of Murder is a book I’d recommend to anyone who likes Agatha Christie. Charming, depressing, and altogether ooky, I’d like to see what kind of mischief Deering and her dear Drew get themselves into throughout the series.

Do you like murder mystery novels?





Doing it by the Notebook…


Happy Hump Day, everybody! Or, as I like to call it, Crafty Wednesday!


The first Crafty Wednesday in God-knows-how-long and I knew that a post like this was long overdue after my (impromptu) two week absence (cowers in shame).

What better way to do that than to draw your guys’ attention to my August blog? More specifically: Day 8, in which I talked about different Pinterest things I wanted to try out before the end of the year. Well, I finally got my wish, as today we’re going to talk about DIY Notebooks.


The method is pretty simple: I didn’t have pictures, but I drew covers on construction paper, cut them out, and taped them using clear packing tape that you can get from Office Depot, Office Max, or even the dollar store.

What’s difficult, though, is choosing the design. What the heck do you draw/make before you tape it to the cover and it becomes permanent?

Based off of my experience with actually following through on transforming the dollar store notebooks, here’s my advice: Do what you want.

You don’t have to draw like I did. You can use photos, you can use magazines or newspapers, but the point is, with a little inspiration from Pinterest (and maybe some drawing tutorials) these notebooks can be the best way to waste time, and yet at the same time, boost your productivity overall because you’re working your creative brain cells.

Does that make sense? I hope so. If nothing else, it’s certainly cheaper than buying store-bought designed notebooks for $10 each.

So have you done a back to school craft yet?

The Disney Monday After 9/11…


I was 6 when those planes destroyed the Twin Towers. And I’m sorry to say I don’t remember any of it. All I know is that because of that day, because of 9/11, airport security is ridiculous. Innocent Muslims get called terrorists and are attacked simply because of their beliefs and that those nutballs responsible for that tragedy identify themselves with Islam.

I spent the rest of my childhood, and am now an adult, in a post 9/11 world. 15 years after we lost the lives of so many valuable Americans and I’m still scared of turning on the television. What will come on? More accusations on Hillary Clinton? On Donald Trump? More distrust between people of different values and beliefs, because everybody’s still scared?

It makes me want to cry. More importantly, it makes me want to go to Disney.


Mouse Guide to Walt

Yes, Disney has its faults just like every other American industry. Yes, there are questionable motives behind each new Disney Princess they make, and meanwhile most Disney Princes seem cookie cutter at best. There’s a lot of grievances against the Disney corporation and sometimes for good reason.

But “Disney Dissers” are missing the point. It’s not about the blatant and awkward song sequences or the sometimes offensive character designs. What’s more important to us Disney lovers is the feeling of hope that we sometimes can’t find anywhere else – not even with our family and friends. Whenever I go to Disney World or Disney Land I always want to spend more time walking down Main Street and in Fantasyland because the atmosphere is just that strong and resonant with my soul. I’m home.

I’m not trying to come off as some Disney “holier-than-thou” cretin. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, in times like these, let’s not be afraid to go back to what makes us feel safest and loved.


On a happier note, I’m back in business! This semester has been crazy the past couple of weeks, so posting won’t be as frequent as it used to be. 🙁

But I will keep posting, and I just want to say ‘thanks’ to everyone who’s been with me so far! Your words of encouragement have been awesome to hear, and I love that everyone I’ve talked to about my blog has been so supportive!

Don’t know what my official posting schedule will be like yet, but you can bet I’m not letting this blog go anytime soon. Thanks again to everyone and I can’t wait to see what this school year will bring!

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany


Could I have been able to go to London and see the production of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ with the little money I have? No. Could I read the book and still be blown away by God-Queen Rowling? Without a doubt!

SOURCE: amazon

After years of no new books, no new movies, and Pottermore, Rowling returns to the Wizarding World to give us a sequel to the world’s most well-known series since ‘Lord of the Rings’.  Even though the characters are incredibly well-known, the twists and turns of the play/novel gives the Harry Potter world a new edge.

SOURCE: Telegraph

The story starts off where the epilogue leaves off: Albus Severus Potter boarding the train to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Right away we realize that Albus is the black sheep of the family, and Albus and Harry’s relationship as father and son starts to drift apart over the years. What I really like about this is that the relationship between Albus Dumbledore (One of Albus’ namesakes) and Harry is also questioned, and there’s a bit of interesting parallels, as well as addressing some key Dumbledore-centric issues that loyal fans have questioned over the years (why Harry was left with the Dursleys in the first place being one of them).

SOURCE: Movie Pilot

There’s also the question of coping with our past. While Harry certainly understands the consequences of his decisions, there are others who don’t (or refuse to) understand. Obvious conflict there is obvious. As an expansion, it’s not Harry who goes about solving the mystery this time. Instead, it’s Albus, and the reasons why reminded me of ‘The Lion King’.

SOURCE: The Guardian

There’s so many other things I would love to bring up when it comes to this play. In all honesty, I felt like this is not only a sequel to the original series, but also J.K. acknowledging us Potterheads in that wonderful way that Rowling does. And with Thorne and Tiffany by her side, the new “Golden Trio” definitely didn’t do us wrong.


The Thursday Chronicle – Issue IV

thursday chronicle

On August 25th, 1939, the “Wizard of Oz” starring Judy Garland opened in the US.


The classic film, based on the original novel by L. Frank Baum, was released to audiences amidst the turmoil of the Great Depression. Enchanting, whimsical, and always a delight to watch, “The Wizard of Oz” takes us far over the rainbow.

SOURCE: fanpop

Audiences aren’t the only ones inspired, either. Critics have given high ratings of the movie since it was first released, and continue to do so to this day. Rotten Tomatoes gives “The Wizard of Oz” 99% overall, while IMDb gives it 8.1/10. These scores top “Suicide Squad” (26%) and “Ben-Hur” (5.4/10).

SOURCE: Wikipedia

While there aren’t that many differences from the book, a lot of changes were made to make up for less screen time and to possibly avoid confusion. For instance, the good witch who sent Dorothy to the Emerald City and Glinda the Good Witch of the South are two different people. More commonly known may be the fact that, in the book, the magical slippers are silver, not ruby red like the movie.

SOURCE: Cloture Club

1939 was also one of the many fantastic years of “The Golden Age” of Hollywood. Not only was “The Wizard of Oz” released, but also “Gone with the Wind” starring Vivien Leigh (who won the Oscar that year for her performance), “The Little Princess” starring Shirley Temple, Charlie Chaplin, The Three Stooges, and The Marx Brothers, just to name a few.

“The Wizard of Oz” is not only one of the biggest movies of all time, it is also the movie that has become a highlight of “The Golden Age” and it all started on this day 77 years ago.

Who’s your favorite “The Wizard of Oz” character?