Crafty Wednesday gets its first Mouse Ears!


Happy Wednesday, everybody, and welcome to the quillegible blog of happiness! On Monday I gave out the winner of the polls and the adorable result of my little experiment, which is removable Mickey Mouse Ears. 

That’s right, instead of worrying about headbands, now all you have to do is make the ears, and attach them to the one headband depending on who you want to be. How is this possible? 

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Stuffing
  • Mouse Ear Template
  • Hair Clips
  • Sewing Kit
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Any Fabric (I used 2 Felt sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Headband

First, cut out the templates and trace them onto cardboard. 

Next, cut out the cardboard so that they’re a little smaller than the outline you drew. The cardboard will be the backbone of your ears and when you make them smaller, it’ll be easier to slip them inside the ears after you sew them.

Now, put the cardboard ears to the side.

Next, take your fabric and trace the Ear template on it. You should sketch a couple of centimeters bigger just so when you sew them together you have room to stuff the cardboard and the stuffing. You should have four total Ear pieces, two for each ear. 

Take your sewing needle and thread and start sewing! For me, because it’s Eeyore, I used the overcast stitch to get the feeling of the stitches that you see on his character. After sewing about 3/4 of the way, insert one of the cardboard pieces and some stuffing. Then, finish sewing, going all the way across.

Do the same to the other ear.

Now, take your hot glue gun and attach a hair clip to the bottom of each ear. Then, glue the back of the bottom piece to the bottom of the ear part. It should look like it should be able to stand on its own.

Now, take another hair clip and cut a long ribbon. Use the hair clip and fold the ribbon before putting it in the clip. Then tie it like a normal bow.

Last, but certainly not least, attach any last decorations to the ears, and then attach the ear pieces and the bow piece to your headband of choice.

And voila! You’re done! Now you have removable Mickey Mouse ears that you can attach to any headband you want! 

Have any major crafting ideas? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or on the Contacts page! 

Who WON?!


Hello, everybody! Since I already made a post earlier today, I’ll be brief with this Mickey Mouse Monday. Last week I asked you beautiful readers for which Mickey Mouse Ears I should make…yet these Ears have a little twist. Today I’m happy to reveal the winner:

And here’s the twist: the ears and the bow are completely removable! No more buying incessant headbands, no more worrying about getting the right headbands in the right colors. All you need is a few crafting supplies and some major patience with your sewing skills (at least, that’s how it was for me!).
I’ll be posting the tutorial on Wednesday for the Crafty Wednesday post. Until then, what are some of your favorite Mouse Ears?

7 TV Shows to Inspire Your Inner Crafting Genius


Hello you beautiful reader, and welcome to another Crafty Wednesday post! Before I get started I want to point out two very important announcements:

  • Monday’s post had a total of 50 views, which hadn’t happened in months. Not 15…50. That boggles my mind! Thank you guys so much for the views and your support for my blog! It means so much to me! If you want more of the quillegible blog of happiness, follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates and other fun stuff to come!
  • I mentioned briefly on Monday that January is National Mentors’ Month, among other things. Due to that, I wanted to point out that there is a great charity organization called AdoptAClassroom where donations not only go to help teachers but also to give classroom supplies and books to kids. One particular class is a class in Mead High School in Longmont, CO, which teaches special needs kids. My little brother Cooper is autistic and if it weren’t for these kinds of classes, he wouldn’t be an Eagle Scout, and he wouldn’t be in college right now. So obviously this is something that’s very near and dear to my heart. Any amount helps, so click here if you want to donate, and I thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Now for Crafty Wednesday! After all the packing and crafting, all I want to do is take a break, and I don’t think I’d be the only one. But unlike other young adults my age, I’m not really into Teen Wolf or The Bachelor/Bachelorette. So what do I watch that will not only help me relax but also energize my creative brain? Here are my Top 7 TV Shows for my inner Crafting Genius:

7. Expedition Unknown

This is a show on Travel Channel that doesn’t have a very enticing host (there are so many archaeologists in the world who’d probably do a much better job). However, the mysteries from history have always been more fascinating to me than anything out of an Agatha Christie novel. Just now I’m watching the mystery behind the inspiration for Atlantis and the Greek Minotaur. 

While this is more so inspiration for writing a novel than crafting, it’s really fun to learn about different artifacts and wonder how to make something similar with supplies from home. After all, if it worked for ancient Minoans it should work now, right? Why fix what isn’t broken?

6. Mystery at the Museum

While this is a very similar show to Expedition Unknown, Mystery at the Museum focuses on American museums and treasures that anyone can find on a typical road trip. Example: I watched an episode of Mystery at the Museum that focused on the Alamo in San Antonio and its caretaker Clara who fought tooth and nail to preserve the Alamo barracks from being torn down. A few months later, when I visited San Antonio on New Year’s Eve, I found the plaque that is dedicated to Clara and her heroic efforts.

 How does this relate to crafting? From my point of view, it makes me realize that every man’s trash can be treasure, so the next time I walk into a flea market, I’m tempted to transform it into something beautiful and learn about its history.

5. Ghost Adventures

Yes, it’s most likely that this show is fake due to confessions from the cast and crew of the show, but the drama of the show helps get my mind off of my latest project, which sometimes is a necessary measure after I’ve had a long day and I want to take a break. Once Halloween rolls around, I like to tune in to this show to come up with ideas for cheap Halloween decorations! (Psst! I have a post about that! Click here if you wanna catch up!)

4. Cake Boss

Cake Boss is a show that I’ve known since I was a kid, and I’ve always wanted to be a baker because of it. Now I turn to the amazing works of Rosanna Pansino and her Nerdy Nummies on YouTube, but it’d be a disgrace to not acknowledge the show that started it all for me. Besides, if I ever wanted to make a 3 tier cake inspired by Hans Christian Anderson, I would totally go to the Boss for ideas. (Still love Ro, though!)

3. Tiny House Big Living

I’ve officially decided that when I graduate from Texas A&M, I’m going to skip the apartments and go directly into a tiny house that I can lug with me no matter where my job is! Not only does it make sense financially, but it also makes sense for a young woman just out of college who has no idea where she wants to work (and I have one year left 😬). My mind runs like crazy coming up with ideas for my own tiny house whenever this show comes on!

2. Fixer Upper

There’s no question that Fixer Upper would be high up on my list. Not only are Chip and Joanna Gaines #couplegoals (even though I’m #foreversingle), but Joanna’s interior design and love for antiques inspires my crafty side and lets me think more about how I design my interiors rather than just throwing everything together into a random space.
And the #1 TV Show that Inspires my Inner Crafting Genius is…

1. Treehouse Masters

I know, I know, I already had an entire article dedicated to Treehouse Masters (if you want to read that, look no further!), but watching Pete Nelson on all his adventures building a treehouse is the ultimate crafting genius TV show for me. It was actually a hard decision between this and Fixer Upper, but whereas Fixer Upper tackles old homes, Treehouse Masters introduces a more environmentally friendly way of living by literally lifting your spirits. I can’t wait to build my treehouse after I’m done building my tiny house!
What are the best TV shows that inspires your inner crafting genius? Hit me up on Facebook or LinkedIn and let me know!

Mickey Mouse Mondays! – DCP Prep Part I

Happy New Years and Happy Mickey Mouse Monday, everybody! 

For those of you who don’t know, Mickey Mouse Monday is the day of the week where we get to celebrate all things Disney, and today is extra special because, for the whole of January, I will be prepping for my internship at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando!

It’s such an honor and a blessing to be able to have this opportunity, so to celebrate, I will be doing DCP (or Disney College Program) Prep posts for the whole of January, starting with a very basic (but fun craft).

We’ve all seen those adorable long sleeved shirts with the writing on the back that extends past the shoulders that says a specific location or name. Here’s an example of one from a shop on Etsy called BlingItByDesign:

But shirts like these can range from $25 to $45, which on a typical college budget, could have paid for dinner for 3 nights. And I don’t know about you guys, but I like food. So, how do you get a shirt like this for less than $10? 

You will need:

  • A Sharpie
  • A T-shirt cardboard frame
  • A $5 long sleeved shirt

You can get the shirt from anywhere, but I got mine from Hobby Lobby because it’s a decent quality shirt for a really low price.

The first thing you need to do is plan out what you want to draw on your shirt. This is the major difference between what people sell on Etsy and what a kindergartener would make. For me, I planned out what was going on the shirt, found the correct font for it (Waltogram!), and even planned out the number of letters in each word so that the design looks even.

Next, put the long sleeved shirt over the T-shirt frame and start drawing! I recommend you draw your design in pencil first so that, if you make a mistake, you can erase it and start over. Then, draw it in sharpie.

Part of that World…

Based off of suggestions from fellow Disney fans, I decided to go with an Ariel theme due to the red shirt. Sketching her out was so difficult to do on cotton!

The font is so cool!
Completed Ariel

Note: the smell of the sharpie is insane, so be careful when you’re drawing on the shirt!
And there you have it! Part I is complete. I made another shirt like this one and I will be wearing one of them when I check in to the Disney College Program on January 30th. So if you’re in the program and you see me, feel free to say hi! 

Always try on your shirt to make sure it fits!

What else should I do to prep for the College Program? Let me know and I might include it in a future post! Want to see more Disney fun or crafty craziness? Check out my other posts below!

WEIRD Disney?!
Stay Cool, my Disney Friends
Shutter Up!

5 Ways to CONTAIN Your Crafty Side!


Imagine this: you’re finishing a delicious cup of coffee in the early morning, watching the mist change into light dew on the grass. You finish your coffee and decide to go make another cup. One problem, though…you’re all out of coffee!


So what do you do with an empty coffee container? I think the better question is what can’t you do!


Coffee containers don’t have to be just for coffee, they can also be for anything that needs a container. Here are the top 5 ways (and craft ideas) to reuse those lovable jars.

5: Money


Have a special event or vacation in mind that you need saving up for? Transforming your Folgers into a Direct Deposit is a great way to store your pocket change for something useful! Why not use mason jars like in the picture above? Cause Folgers containers will have more room.

4. Dispensers

Halloween Plastic Container Candy Holder
Home Talk

No, I’m not JUST talking about Halloween (Although who wouldn’t want to serve candy out of one of those bad boys?), I’m talking about all year, every year! They can hold Valentines for Valentines’ Day (instead of a big, bulky bag), they can hold the best cookies Grandma ever made (and you don’t have to pay $20 for an expensive glass jar!), and hide the liquor from the kids for Saint Patrick’s Day (or hide the liquor for whenever…I won’t judge).

3. Toys









‘Toys’ is a very broad term here, because you can use the containers to store small toys like Barbie’s clothes or Hot Wheels, but the containers can also be toys themselves. Why buy a $35 toy drum set when you can make one with a few coffee containers and a hot glue gun? Or, if you don’t have kids, you can make bongos out of these coffee containers to annoy your neighbors and roommates! (Just don’t tell them it was my idea!)

2. Art


Painting and collages are so last year, right? Nowadays, people can take anything and make it into art, from bicycle tires to locks and keys. You don’t really hear about coffee containers a whole lot, not even for the lids. Think of this as a challenge or an inspiration for your inner artist. (Just remember to tell everyone it WAS my idea!)



The most wonderful time of the year is the best time for crafting, and coffee containers are the perfect start! Other than cookies (which I mentioned previously), you can also make coffee containers into little money jars for presents, put presents inside of the containers (instead of boring old boxes), make the containers part of the nativity scene, or even make them part of the Christmas tree! Even though Halloween is coming up very quickly, it’s never too early to think about Christmas. ‘Tis always the season for crafts!









Like the ideas in this article? Check out my other Wednesday crafty articles for more fun crafty experiments!

Halloween Decorations Mystery Solved!

Doing it by the Notebook…

Stay Cool, my Disney Friends…

(Disclaimer: None of the pictures or gifs shown here are my own.)

Halloween Decorations Mystery Solved!


Tired of spending over $50 dollars on Halloween decorations? Yeah, so was I. In fact, just last year I took another look at what I spent for Halloween decorations that I don’t even have anymore and you know what I could have bought with that much money?

Yeah. Food. #collegelife


Anyway, to remedy that, I decided to visit the local Dollar Tree in College Station, just to see what they would have. And, believe it or not, they had more to offer than I previously thought.

For example, for today’s Crafty Wednesday, I wanted to decorate my bedroom window which is situated right next to the front door of our apartment. While door wreaths are nice and all, it would be pretty cool to have something extra to the decorum. It’s like searching your trick or treat bag and finding an extra piece of candy at the bottom.

With that in mind, I used a little imagination, a black plastic tablecloth, and some lights. Yeah. That’s it. $2 at the Dollar Tree = about $50 worth at any Halloween store.


First, you start off with the black tablecloth and some scissors to make some silhouettes. Because I’m not a professional tablecloth cutter, I wanted to go with something basic. A little black cat and a cute moon were really all I needed given the size of my window, but if you have a larger window, then go crazy with however many silhouettes your little heart desires.

Then, you use clear packaging tape to stick them to the window. After that, all you have to do is add on, whether that’s lights, lanterns, or even window markers. Because my roommates wanted to include purple lighting, I also went with purple.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The hardest part was definitely the cutting. The tablecloth I had was very flimsy, so I had to be super careful when cutting just to make sure that I didn’t accidentally cut the cat’s head off! Also, I didn’t use any cutouts for references, I was pretty much going in on this blind, and got lucky. If you feel you have that kind of artistic talent, then feel free to also go saddle free, otherwise, I’d recommend a cutout of some kind.

Do you have any tricks on treating your wallet for decorations this Halloween?

Doing it by the Notebook…


Happy Hump Day, everybody! Or, as I like to call it, Crafty Wednesday!


The first Crafty Wednesday in God-knows-how-long and I knew that a post like this was long overdue after my (impromptu) two week absence (cowers in shame).

What better way to do that than to draw your guys’ attention to my August blog? More specifically: Day 8, in which I talked about different Pinterest things I wanted to try out before the end of the year. Well, I finally got my wish, as today we’re going to talk about DIY Notebooks.


The method is pretty simple: I didn’t have pictures, but I drew covers on construction paper, cut them out, and taped them using clear packing tape that you can get from Office Depot, Office Max, or even the dollar store.

What’s difficult, though, is choosing the design. What the heck do you draw/make before you tape it to the cover and it becomes permanent?

Based off of my experience with actually following through on transforming the dollar store notebooks, here’s my advice: Do what you want.

You don’t have to draw like I did. You can use photos, you can use magazines or newspapers, but the point is, with a little inspiration from Pinterest (and maybe some drawing tutorials) these notebooks can be the best way to waste time, and yet at the same time, boost your productivity overall because you’re working your creative brain cells.

Does that make sense? I hope so. If nothing else, it’s certainly cheaper than buying store-bought designed notebooks for $10 each.

So have you done a back to school craft yet?

Shutter Up!

Colorful vector design of paint spill grunge

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Today is perhaps one of my most favorite parts of the week – Creative Wednesday! A few weeks ago, I started Creative Wednesday by making a few dreamcatchers to off set the fact that some businesses will most definitely rip you off if you’re too caught up in the bohemia trend.

This week, we’re taking a classic college dorm room idea – hanging photos on a wall – and escalating it to the nth degree: bringing in some fresh air to a stereotypical college idea.

The blank canvas before le piece de resistance.

These shutters were stuffed away on my aunt’s ranchette, and had been part of the family for some time. I cleaned them off as best I could, but the remaining bits of dirt I just couldn’t get off. These shutters are going to replace the string of lights which college girls like myself love to use.


Because I didn’t just want to hang the pictures by themselves, I got scrapbook paper from Walmart for $5 to add dimension and to tie the structure in with my travel-themed room.



After I finished cutting and taping my photos to their respective frames, I set to work clothespining everything on the shutter boards. Luckily the clothespins were big enough to fit (they were pretty small!).

I also included greeting cards, invitations, other crafts, and loads of other mementos from my past two years of college. Better than to clutter them in a storage box somewhere, right?


Now, for the last (and in my humble opinion, best) part: STICKERS!

Again, travel themed…I really want to travel the world one day.

And, there you have it! A re-imagining of the classic photos on string lights idea. Starting with shutters as the base instead of string, I was able to not only include pictures, but also greeting cards, larger items, and even some other things as well.

Ta-da! Le piece de resistance is complete!

So, what do you think? How can you re-imagine a typical form of decoration? Let me know in the comments down below. Or, if you have a particular crafty idea, hit me up on the Contact page.


‘I Have A Dream’ Catcher

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first Creative Wednesday post! So a lot of Bohemian style has become incredibly popular with today’s generation of young adults, especially vintage style decorations such as arrows, deer heads, and multi-colored prayer flags. But as I scrolled through Pinterest a few days ago, I noticed something odd: a dream catcher on Etsy priced at $75. $75?! That’s my entire grocery budget in a week, times three! Knowing that this must be some slight exaggeration (Bohemian is meant to be cheap, after all), I decided to undergo my own crafting extravaganza to see whether I can make my own dream catcher for less.

Included: One embroidery hoop, one ball of yarn, a bag of randomly assorted ribbons, and a charm for the center.
For all my supplies, I went to Hobby Lobby (an intoxicating playground for crafters like myself). The supplies pictured above cost me about $12-$14 at the most, including tax. So, there’s saving approximately $60 from the perils of overpriced merchandise. But what about actually making the items? Well, since dream catchers vary and can be made in any particular style, I chose something that would not only be cute, but easy, with only a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors to help.

Okay…so far not too hard…
Step One: Wrap embroidery hoop with ribbon. The ribbon itself should be about 2 yards long. The hoop is about 8″ in circumference.

All done! All it took was scissors and glue to secure it!






Step Two: Tie a ribbon on top of the loop, as shown in the picture to the left. Make sure it’s big enough to hang on the wall. Then attach yarn to the loop with hot glue and begin stringing.

Should look like this: it’s okay if your center isn’t center…mine isn’t either.





Step Three: Embellish the center of your dream catcher with a charm (optional) and add ribbons, feathers, and other materials to the bottom of your dream catcher.

My charm is a silhouette of a Native American Chief. Yours can be whatever you want!


I made two other dream catchers that I’m thinking of selling for about $15 each. Here’s what they look like:

One represents #blacklivesmatter, and the other represents #policelivesmatter. As someone who was raised to think with an open mind, I find myself supporting both movements, because I firmly believe that they are both centered around one thing: hope. And I made these extra dream catchers because I want to share that same dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had with all of you guys. And I don’t think that dream means one group gets the whole table to themselves: but rather, all groups get to share the table.

Are you a crafty soul? What was the most fun craft you’ve ever made?