August – Day 23

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Happy Tuesday, everybody! I hope my quillegible blog of happiness finds you well today, because today…is poetry day.


23. Write and share a poem or short story.

“So, is this what I expected?

A smile full of lies and eyes that are dead?

Or did I actually expect happiness?

The kind that’s found in your makeup that’s such a mess,

and curling all around in your fingers and toes?

Some people think that they don’t deserve better than that,

but in doing so they become too fat or too flat.

Is there really such thing as too much of anything?

I look in this mirror and I feel the usual sting

in my heart and in my head.

But now I’m starting to think it’s really all in my head.

People believe in different realities as they cried and bled

all over the place, trying to achieve the impossible.

It’s impossible because we think it’s impossible,

when really, why do we try to achieve in the first place?

So I’m going to step away now, before I lose my mind.

You’re impossible, mirror, and I hate it when you lie.

You’re cruel and unusual and you’re not even real.

It’s just my perception, my reality, just like a veil.

So I’m going to do what’s best for me, and step away from the mirror.”

SOURCE: Ravendelajour


Have you ever written a poem before? What was it about?




August – Day 22

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22. Write a Letter to Yourself to be Read at the End of the School Year

Dear Olivia,

Hi! How are you? Are you feeling good? Better? I hope so. You can only keep moving forward, after all.

There’s so much that I would love to know nine months from now. Did I make it into a sorority? Which one? Did I find a sisterhood? Or am I still searching? I just finished two days of rushing and I’m so nervous about Bid Day and all that craziness still to come.

What about schoolwork? Did I study abroad? Where did I go? Or will that be some other time? How’s my GPA? Even in college, that’s still important! Haha, it was probably a piece of cake, I’m sure! Feels like so long from now that you’ll be reading this, yet here you are. You did it. Junior year is in the bag.

But what about family? How’s everyone doing: Mom, Dad, my brother, my aunts and uncles? What about my cousins and their babies? Are the little ones excited about being done with school for the summer? I’ll bet they are. I know that we have our differences with our Texas family, but at the end of the day, I can’t love them more for all they’ve done for me.

Okay, now stupid question time: what about love? Did I meet someone special? I know this is so cliché and the answer is probably “no”, but I’d love to know all about it. Not everyone meets that one person in college, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen, right?

What else has happened throughout the year? What big changes have been made? Was it scary at all? Was it exhilarating? I can’t wait for you to be able to read this letter in May and tell me all about it.

What about this blog? Will you still be writing in it? I hope so, starting this blog was the best thing to happen to me for a long time. Feels good to write again, you know?

Anyway, I know this is a lot of questions and not a lot of talking, but I’m super curious. I’ve wanted to grab life by the horns (and saw ’em off) for two years, but I never felt I’ve had the chance until now. I want to make every second count, and by the time you read this in May, I want to be able to say “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

See ya on the flip side, me!




August – Day 19

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19. Review a Book You’ve Read Recently

What? Two book reviews…in one day? BUT YES! CUE THE ANGELIC CHOIR!


Okay, that’s not an angelic choir, but you get my point.



Now, for those of you history fans like me, you know that there’s usually two sides to history: there’s the real, gritty history, and then there’s Hollywood history. For instance, take the Wild, Wild West, a time of noble cowboys and sheriffs, nasty bandits who get thrown into jail every time they commit a crime, and the (racist) Indian tribes whom are usually played by white people (looking at you, Johnny Depp).

Or you can take that particular time period in American history for what it really was: a place of little to no hygiene, crooked sheriffs who are as crooked as the criminals, and a very lenient government who is more in favor of “laissez faire” than actually doing their job. It is this version of history that author Catherine M. Valente uses in her novel Six-Gun Snow White.


This novel kind of ties in to a previous post I did about Snow White, and to be fair, I did want to publish this book review with that particular Disney Monday post. But, life happened, and here we are.  So, how does this novel compare to the original fairy tale?

Pretty darn well, actually.

No, Snow White is not a princess with skin as white as snow in this novel. Instead, she’s a half-White, half-Native American girl who’s skin is as dark as her mother Crow That Sings. Her father, Mr. H, is a pretty rich, pretty greedy man, and is often gone, leaving his little daughter in the care of his second wife Mrs. H, a primadonna fashionista who’s got a flair for magic, and a deep hatred for her darker skinned stepdaughter for what I can only assume are racist reasons (who is prettier than the other is often up for debate).

Snow White, her name cruelly given to her by her stepmother, runs away from home without worrying about Mrs. H killing her. Instead of becoming the doll of her family, she runs away on her horse Charming, with her gun that’s laced on the handle with pearls, and encounters many things about the Wild West: working in a mine, rapists, bounty hunters with no morals, and seven other women who became hardened by life (not unlike herself).


I won’t give away what happens (though if you know the fairytale, the storyline is pretty obvious), but I will say that the ending had a lot of lackluster and didn’t live up to my expectations. It felt like a big build up for nothing, really. Hence, why I’ve decided not to like this book, and wouldn’t really recommend it unless you’re really bored and have got nothing else to do. Or if you are a fan of the real Wild West. That works too.

What are some Wild West books that you like?


(BTW Huge shoutout to Charlie Bowater, the artist of the book cover and the interior illustration shown here. Check her other works out here – they’re really cool!)

(and another HUGE shoutout to Sarah Waite of theillustratedpage for pointing out my mistake!)





August – Day 18

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Howdy, everybody! The countdown is getting close as we await Gig’Em Week and the amazing world that is Texas A&M. For those of you who have already started school, however, I will pray for your souls.

SOURCE: blogspot

18. What are your goals for the new school year?

This is a topic that is very near and very dear to my heart for numerous reasons.Number one, because after a whole summer of loneliness and boredom (which I talked about here), I’m ready to start new things and really feel involved with the school. I couldn’t do that with being a part of Blinn TEAM, but now that I’m going to be a full-time student, this means so much more to me. Number two, I would like to have something to pace myself with so that I can say that junior year will not only be the year of exploration for me but also the year of productivity (what? college? productive?).


1. Join a sorority

Before you go down the path of thinking about party girls slugging down beer like it’s water, let me remind you that there’s two sides to the average American sorority: the reality side, and the Hollywood side. Thankfully, sororities are nothing like what we see on the big screen or the silver screen, and I want to join because I want to be meet other young women who want to live life to the fullest, learn all they can, and find happiness.


2. Bring up my GPA

When I was in high school, I was in the top 25% of my class. Unfortunately, since I started college, I kind of lost sight of my determination and I’ve slacked. Considering that I’ll be taking 17 hours this semester, the chance to build up my GPA would be very nice indeed.


3. Join more clubs

I’ve kind of touched on this with the sorority thing already, but A&M has almost a thousand organizations (if not more than) and I haven’t given myself the chance to open up. Maybe do karate, or archery, or pretty much anything else. What makes this goal different from the sorority goal, however, is that I can get easy membership into the other clubs. I would like to join a sorority first, and then work the other clubs/academics around that.


4. Study Abroad

Whether that’s going to a different country or being a part of the Disney College Program, I would love to travel somewhere else and be able to learn, not being tied down by the University. Why? Because as much as I love A&M, traveling is my first love. (#sorrynotsorry)

What are your goals for the school year?




August – Day 15

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15. Write a Good Bye Letter to Summer.

Dear Summer,

Usually, I would have dreaded saying goodbye to you. All those happy nights of music, dancing, and watching fireworks have been some of the best memories of my life. Dad smoking on his smoker, Mom having a glass of wine with friends, and my brother and I playing games with our friends who would come over pretty much every day.

This summer, that was different, because I lived alone. And it sucked.

Suddenly, I had nothing and had nobody. There was no Dad with his smoker, no Mom with no wine, and all of the friends who I enjoyed summer with (including my brother) are a thousand miles away. Exactly.

This year, Summer, you and I were not friends. But as I’ve spent this last week with my family, I’ve realized that that’s okay. If there’s one lesson that I need to learn it’s that I can’t be a hermit. I’ve tried to be alone, I’ve tried to isolate myself for reasons of my own, and you’ve taught me that I shouldn’t do that for all the right reasons.

At the same time, though, you’ve shown me this blog. You’ve introduced me to the concept of using my writing to reach friends, family, and even people I don’t know. I’ve never felt this good about anything in a long, long time and if I hadn’t been living by myself this summer, I might never have discovered it.

So, it is with great excitement that I bid goodbye to you, Summer. For all the tears and all the joys, you’ve helped me learn more about myself than any of the previous years.



August – Days 13, 14

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What’s good, everybody? Today is going to be the greatest blog post since the beginning of this site.

Why, you may ask?

Because we’re covering two whole days in one post.


Okay, maybe that isn’t the greatest thing to happen, and it might or might now show that I’ve been really bad about consistency lately, but when you’re currently visiting family and they take you shopping for a whole day yesterday, you tend to not have any energy for blogging (and no room in your duffle bag for all the new clothes you’ve got (#nocomplaints)).

Yesterday was Game Time Saturday, a day where I talk about a video game that I play that I think is worth mentioning. And since Disney Day is coming up tomorrow, I figured I’d go ahead and get excited by playing Toy Story Mania.

What is Toy Story Mania, you may ask? I certainly didn’t talk about it in any previous Disney Day blogs. That’s because Toy Story Mania is a game all its own, and if you’ve played it, you know what I’m talking about. Basically, it’s the Toy Story Midway Mania ride at Disney Land/Disney World in a video game.

Yeah, you read that right. This:

(Video: Noah’s Videos)

Is equivalent to this:

toy story mania


So, for a late Game Time Saturday post, I challenged the Prince of Goofballs, the Sultan of Silliness, and the Original Entertainer himself, my younger brother to a round or two of Toy Story minigames and overall fun. He only won because my Wii Remote refused to cooperate several times. #wiiprobs

But all sibling rivalry aside, let’s talk about the game itself, since that is what Game Time Saturday is all about. The mechanics of the game are about as simple as most Wii games get: you shake, rattle, and roll the remote to get the most points. The story is also pretty basic, and considering how it’s almost exactly the same as the ride at Disney, it’s definitely a lot cheaper than a vacay in Orlando or Anaheim. Why they don’t make all their rides into video games, I’ll never know…

And now, it’s time for…


14. Create a video.

This prompt was a little hard to do simply because there’s a lot necessary to make a proper video. There’s sound equipment, there’s the right kind of camera, and since I’m pretty much broke, I couldn’t really do a whole lot. However, as luck would have it, I do have a pretty sweet video from yesterday about this group of guys called Eric Ottem and the Fuse.

Eric Ottem is the vice principal of my high school where I graduated from. And he’s a boss at the trumpet. I don’t know if the video has it, but he’s got more than one trumpet that he switches in between songs. He and his crew have grown over the past couple of years, so if you’re in Longmont/Boulder and you’re into the smaller music scene, definitely check them out.




Thus concludes our epic 2-day blog post consisting of events yesterday and today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Which day of the week is your favorite? Disney Monday? TV Tuesday? Creative Wednesday? The Thursday Chronicle? Book Review Friday? Or Game Time Saturday?



August – Day 12

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Happy Friday, everybody! Oh, hang on…sorry…that’s not excited enough. Let’s try that again:



The best day of the week (next to Saturday, of course!) and to celebrate, we’re going to take a look back with a celebratory Summer Photo Series. Why? Well, not only is it off the prompt for Day 12, but it’s nice to have the chance to appreciate the Summer of 2016, cause we only have one of those in all of time and space!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What are your best photos from this summer?

August – Day 11

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Hi guys! So, first off, some logistics: I officially decided to skip Day 10 due to the fact that its prompt didn’t seem very August-related (Citrus-inspired craft? Really?). And the post yesterday about TUT was not only the first TV Tuesday post but also fulfilled the August – Day 9 prompt of the must-watch fall TV show, even though it doesn’t say “August – Day 9” in the title. Hence, we are all caught up now with Day 11! And the prompt for today is:

11. What’s on your Back-To-School Wishlist?

So, a little background information: I’ve had my black basic backpack since I was a senior in high school. The straps are starting to tear, the weight distribution leaves dents in my shoulders (and an ache in my back), and while it does have room for my laptop and some textbooks, it’s also prone to get very wet in the rain (and if you live in Texas like I do, having a wet laptop is never a good thing).

So, this particular backpack by HotStyle is number one on my wishlist for a multitude of reasons: it’s waterproof, lightweight, and still roomy enough for my multitude of school essentials. It may be a little price-y for a backpack, but considering what it’ll be used for, I’d consider it a good investment.


Now, I’m not the biggest fan of pink. Never have been, never will be. I’ve always considered pink to be an okay color, but not something that I would willingly strive for like other people would. This kind of pink, though, is adorable. And considering that this particular case is on Amazon for less than $10 is a steal.

Why not a keyboard case though? Well those are good too, except I already have a keyboard. So, this would be the perfect little add-on for my new iPad Air 2!


Don’t get me wrong: books like The Carpenter and tomorrow’s read (which I’m really excited to share with you guys) are fantastic, but I really, really want to read a book like this, one reason because I’ve read Eat, Pray, Love by the same author before and it was awesome. The other reason is because when I made the decision to start this blog, it wasn’t an easy decision. It’s no secret that very few people get to live off of their creativity, and if I want to be one of those people, I need to learn how to stop living with my fears.

I’m not going to go into a whole sermon about living my dreams and working to get to that point because that’s not the point of this whole post, however, I do want to ask one huge favor of you guys. I know I probably shouldn’t ask this because you guys have already done so much just by reading this, but I want to ask you guys one thing: ask yourself ‘if you weren’t concerned with money, what would you want to do?’ Just ask yourself that question. For me, that answer is writing, and I’m going to try my hardest to keep doing what I want to do and not worry about money.

What about you? What’s on your wishlist?

August – Day 8

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Happy August, everybody! I know I’ve said that many times already, but since this is technically still August, the greeting still applies (I love loopholes). What would we do without Pinterest? It’s not only one of the biggest apps of all time, it’s also one of the most useful apps of all time. What’s the difference between big and useful? Let me explain: other big apps would include game apps such as Javelin Masters 3 and Haunt the House, but other than playing them and talking about them, they’re not particularly useful.

Pinterest is different simply because the communication between other users is unlike anything Facebook or Twitter has to offer because of users posting pictures, not statuses. To celebrate what Pinterest does, here are the top 7 Pins that I’ve pinned that I would like to do before the end of the year (whether that’s school year or end of 2016, I’m not quite sure yet). Why top 7? Because there are seven total books in the original Harry Potter series.


Disney Running Playlist


I’ve been wanting to do a runDisney for some time now, and while I don’t necessarily have the funds for it, that doesn’t mean I can’t train for it. This looks like a great playlist to try out, and it will definitely get me in the mood for anything Disney has to offer.


Navigli, Italy


I’m a sucker for travelling, but if there’s a particular place with hanging lights like this, then I might as well head there now cause it’s SO PRETTY! Too bad I’m a broke college student though. But one day…one day…until then maybe I’ll find another place with hanging lights like that. Like San Antonio for instance. The River Walk is pretty too!


The Sherlock Game


Sorry the quality isn’t the best, so for those of you who can’t read that well, basically you play Clue and Jenga simultaneously by putting Professor Plum on top of the Jenga tower and play clue as normal. Anytime an accusation is disproved, the accuser has to remove a block. The point of course is to solve the crime and prevent Sherlock from taking the fall. I have the Clue game (and the Harry Potter version as a matter of fact) so it would be awesome to prevent Harry or Hermione from falling.


DIY Notebooks


Since school is starting soon, it would be really fun to take dollar store notebooks and make them special and personal for my upcoming junior year. I don’t know if you guys can tell yet, but I like to think of myself as a creative person.


Seniors T-Shirt


Am I a senior? No, as I’ve mentioned my upcoming junior year earlier. Would I like to do this with other future seniors? Absolutely. I feel like it would be awesome to have a bunch of random seniors walking around campus during Gig’Em Week just to get a laugh out of everybody. Who’s in?


Candy Bar Wrappers


These candy bar wrappers are not only adorable, but also work as great gifts regardless of the time of year or occasion. Someone’s birthday? Here’s your name on it! Need to feel better? Here’s something to brighten your day! The only thing I worry about is Texas heat and chocolate. They don’t mix well very often.


The Happiness Jar


This one will be the most fun to read after a single school year. It’ll be kind of like a diary or a journal, except instead of just writing on paper and let it sit there, it becomes a note and becomes more eye-catching. If I did this for a whole school year, I wonder what kind of memories I’ll have in the jar in May.


Do you have pins on your board that you’d like to try?










August – Day 7

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7. What about Fall are you looking forward to most?

Some people think that time is stagnant,

a wave that can be measured with our planet.

Or something that cannot be controlled,

as we are forced to be held under the mold.

To think in such ways leaves them stuck,

glued to autonomy like sticks to a muck.


To think about Fall in the same way is sickly,

it makes time pass by too quickly.

While I do enjoy the saccharine traditions,

I refuse to think about it with ambitions.


Time is relative, and should be respected as such.

We can choose to measure it as some crutch,

or we can choose to see it for what it really is:

the greatest gift in the universe.


What I look forward to the most about that is what will happen now,

and I encourage you to join me in taking that vow.