Not pictured: 3 hours and 22 minutes of pure torture. 
Aloha, friends, and welcome to the (late and very overdue) final post of my Disney College Program! Between training for the Star Wars Half Marathon, then running the Half Marathon, and finishing up my online classes, I’ve had my head spinning for a long time! 

But now that all is said and done, let us reflect on what else happened between work and classes, and more importantly, I’d like to write a letter to all future DCPers with words of advice that I wish someone told me. 

Where we last left off, I moved to a different apartment and made friends with my new roomies. In addition, I crossed off mostly everything on my bucket list, except the parasailing. $100 for 30 minutes…yeah, I quickly rethought that little goal (and that’s the cast member discount!).  #ripparasailing

Then, the Star Wars Half Marathon happened. Early on May 23rd, 2017, I rose out of bed, donned my running costume on, and ran 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 22 minutes (I projected myself to finish in 3 hours so I was almost half an hour behind but don’t worry about it). 

(Pictured: Me not being afraid of Kylo Ren because he’s just a misunderstood cinnamon roll.)

After a few weeks of work and wrapping up classes, Mother’s Day was coming up, so with the help of awesome coworkers and really cheap Southwest tickets (seriously, Southwest is the best!), I was able to fly up to Colorado for the weekend and surprise Mom for Mother’s Day. 

And now that I’m done with work, and will be leaving in a few days, I’d like to do future DCPers a favor and let you guys know of my personal experiences so that you guys can be more prepared than I was.

Here we go:

Dear Future DCPers,

First of all, congratulations on being one of the few thousand of college students who was able to work at one of the most magical places on Earth. That being said, it’s more likely than not going to be very magical for you regardless of your role. Here’s why: things go wrong every single day. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Whether it’s the guests or if it’s a coworker or multiple coworkers or a technical difficulty, it’s going to happen. Period. And there will be frustration all around because of it. So if you’ve never worked a job before in customer service or in the food and beverage industry, then don’t expect a very good program. 

On the other hand, though, if there’s one thing I’ve looked forward to the most out of my shifts, it’s making magical moments. Kids especially were the most fun. I met two very sweet kids (brother and sister) who were avid pin traders like myself, so we talked about pins until they were seated at their table. The next day, I was on my day off at the Magic Kingdom, and the same family just so happened to be there, and they recognized me. The joy in their faces at recognizing me, a seater from ‘Ohana, was indescribable. It made all my long shifts worth it. 

Don’t live in the provided apartments. The service is awful and the fact that they charge you so much money to stay there per week is not worth the effort. You can still go to events without having to live in any Disney apartment (you won’t have much time to go to those events anyway), so do yourself a favor and find somewhere else to live.

That being said, this program is exactly what you make it. You can look forward to making magical moments for guests, but at the same time, you can drown under the pressures of working at Walt Disney World if you’re not careful. So have fun, work first and play second.

Olivia at ‘Ohana

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Also, check back soon for a super important announcement regarding Quillegible!