Yesterday, I woke up at 3:00 in the morning to board a 6:00 flight which I almost missed. Then my mom and I had to drive from Austin, TX to New Orleans, LA and we finally made it at around 8:00 at night. I know. I missed a day of blogging.

However, I am back, and relaxing with a slushee of rum, Everclear, and some other liquor, before we hit the road again tomorrow morning at around 8:00 am. Don’t try that at home kids, I am a professional. 

And since I finally got my itinerary today, I decided to share an important announcement which fits the 4 days left theme (that I didn’t do yesterday) to make up for lost time. 

As you guys no doubt recall, I did a list about 6 days ago that listed my Top 10 places of where I wanted to work (forgive me for not including Be Our Guest, I have sinned). Click here if you want to read it as a refresher before you continue with this post.

Anyways, after much anticipation and waiting, I got my itinerary and found out I am to work at ‘Ohana, which was #4 on my list!

It’s going to be a major Hawaiian roller coaster ride for me! 
Have you worked at ‘Ohana before? Or have you eaten there before? What was it like? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or on the Contacts page above!