Hello, everybody, and welcome to T-minus 5 days from my check-in to one of the most prestigious internships in America!

Hopefully, I’ll get my itinerary Thursday, and when I do, I’ll find out not only where I’m living, but where I’m working, both of which I’m super excited about! 

For today, though, a little birdy told me that applications for Fall 2017 are open, so I figured I would share my experience with the application/interview process in 5 basic pointers.


Hakuna Matata. Yeah, it’s as basic as that. Don’t worry about what may or may not happen. If this is your first time applying, you’re probably not going to make it. Most applicants don’t make it until their second or third time applying. For me, it was my second time, and it was actually on a whim. I wasn’t planning on interning at Disney this semester, but it happened. The last thing you want to do is panic or stress. This may be a fantastic opportunity but it isn’t worth your mental health. So relax and Hakuna Matata.


Do your research. I cannot stress over this one (and #1) enough. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be, and the more prepared you’ll be, the greater the odds of your getting in. Case in point: when I was asked to complete the web-based interview, I looked up what to look for and what to do and I learned two things: one, that you need to be consistent with your answers and not just pick randomly, and two, use “extreme” answers often. Not for every question, but often. I took their advice and, within 24 hours of completing the web-based interview, I was asked to sign up for the phone interview.


Smile! You are a beautiful specimen of a human being, and you deserve to let your light show. Even when you’re on the phone with your interviewer, he/she can tell if you’re happy to be there, or if you just want the paycheck. Smiling not only helps your chances, it also helps you feel better. 


If you don’t know how to improvise, learn how to do it. Improvising is basically having the ability to think on your feet and being able to own the situation regardless. When I was on my phone interview, my interviewer asked me about a time when a customer was being unruly. Unfortunately, I couldn’t recall such a time (though I know for a fact that something like that happened), but I was able to recall a time when a coworker was being unruly and, since I wrote it down in my interview guide, I was able to improvise and use my interview guide to answer the question differently.

(Psst! Here’s the interview guide I used! Very descriptive and extremely helpful!)


Have fun! You’re applying to work at the most magical place on Earth! Regardless of whether you make it, what role you’ll get, or where you’ll work, you’ll be part of the dream to make the most magical memories of a lifetime. And if you don’t make it this semester, there’s always next semester. And the semester after that. You get the idea.

Have you been in the Disney College Program? What are your tips for applying?