It’s only a matter of time before I can bring out the Ring…

Anyway, happy Mickey Mouse Monday everybody! Hope you’re having just as good of a day as I am. Last week we took Hocus Pocus and made it into a cooking show that’ll put a spell on any Halloween party. This week is going to be all about spooky scary skeletons named Jack Skellington, and the genius behind his creation, Tim Burton.


Tim Burton as been known to be a master when it comes to the creepy and the spooky, and turning it into something that’ll charm every viewer. Who needs Freddie Krueger when you’ve got Edward Scissorhands? Forget Murder House, give me Bettlejuice!

There’s no denying it, Tim Burton has accomplished weird, and Nightmare Before Christmas is no exception. To celebrate, I’m going to give a list of the best halloween decorations that might or might not have taken over other holidays. Decorations that would make Burton proud.

Crafting Mommy of Two

Too lazy to make different wreaths for different times of the year? Well, why not make a wreath that’ll satisfy both holidays? The Christmas Wreath from Nightmare Before Christmas is a perfect way to accomplish that. Of course, everyone’s done this wreath before, but the good news is that so long as you have the eyes and the teeth, you can accessorize it any way you want. Put a monogram on it, or whatever floats your boat.


Of course, there’s always a certain element of class when it comes to Burton’s movies. He never really goes off the handle, and these pumpkins capture that. Of course, you could make one of these pumpkins a bleeding head and the other one say “Off with your head” and it would still look good in my opinion. Either way, it’ll definitely get you a-head of your neighbors when it comes to Halloween decor!





One Stop Party Ideas

Want to keep all the Halloween candy you bought this year? This will surely do the trick! Did you guys know that Tim Burton actually directed James and the Giant Peach? Well that’s great news for us Halloweeners, because that means we can do whatever bug type stuff we want and it counts as something Tim Burton would do!



With only two more weeks to go and then Halloween is upon us, let’s not forget the wonderful contributions of Tim Burton and Nightmare Before Christmas.

How do you decorate for Halloween Disney-style?