Tired of spending over $50 dollars on Halloween decorations? Yeah, so was I. In fact, just last year I took another look at what I spent for Halloween decorations that I don’t even have anymore and you know what I could have bought with that much money?

Yeah. Food. #collegelife


Anyway, to remedy that, I decided to visit the local Dollar Tree in College Station, just to see what they would have. And, believe it or not, they had more to offer than I previously thought.

For example, for today’s Crafty Wednesday, I wanted to decorate my bedroom window which is situated right next to the front door of our apartment. While door wreaths are nice and all, it would be pretty cool to have something extra to the decorum. It’s like searching your trick or treat bag and finding an extra piece of candy at the bottom.

With that in mind, I used a little imagination, a black plastic tablecloth, and some lights. Yeah. That’s it. $2 at the Dollar Tree = about $50 worth at any Halloween store.


First, you start off with the black tablecloth and some scissors to make some silhouettes. Because I’m not a professional tablecloth cutter, I wanted to go with something basic. A little black cat and a cute moon were really all I needed given the size of my window, but if you have a larger window, then go crazy with however many silhouettes your little heart desires.

Then, you use clear packaging tape to stick them to the window. After that, all you have to do is add on, whether that’s lights, lanterns, or even window markers. Because my roommates wanted to include purple lighting, I also went with purple.

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The hardest part was definitely the cutting. The tablecloth I had was very flimsy, so I had to be super careful when cutting just to make sure that I didn’t accidentally cut the cat’s head off! Also, I didn’t use any cutouts for references, I was pretty much going in on this blind, and got lucky. If you feel you have that kind of artistic talent, then feel free to also go saddle free, otherwise, I’d recommend a cutout of some kind.

Do you have any tricks on treating your wallet for decorations this Halloween?

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