Ever heard of treehouses? More specifically, have you ever heard of Pete Nelson?

SOURCE: Animal Planet

When it comes to treehouses, Pete Nelson is the one name that has shaped treehouse building from a hobby into a profession. It’s the new American Dream: and it starts in his own backyard.

From Wild West Saloons to Ski Lodges and Pirate Havens, Nelson has built treehouses that blow our minds and stretch our imagination to the treetops. Not only is this his profession – it’s his passion, and to honor the show, here are 5 reasons why you should consider adopting that same passion and build a treehouse.

5. Nature Appreciation is at its Peak

Don’t worry if you don’t like taking hikes or venturing to a log cabin in the middle of the woods! Treehouses give you an entirely different perspective of nature, and they’re right in your backyard. You don’t need to worry about getting lost; all you have to do is climb a ladder. Easy and quick, treehouses can give you the same sense of serenity as a quiet mountain morning.



Rio Futleufu, Patagonia, Chile
SOURCE: Earth River Expeditions

4. Could Add Value to Your Home

A treehouse – especially a well built treehouse – is like a swimming pool in your backyard. If it looks good, is sturdy, and doesn’t obstruct any views, then potential buyers of your property might want to pay extra. Now, that’s no guarantee, but so long as you build your treehouse correctly, and don’t damage or kill the tree, it could be that little investment that goes a really long way.

SOURCE: Dreams Time

3. A Little Self-Discipline and a Lot of Pride

Going off the note of “a little investment” – building a treehouse is no easy feat. There’s plenty of man hours to put into building it, a lot of money to spend getting the right materials and the right tools. It’s like raising kids, essentially: you put a little self-discipline into yourself (for instance, “I need to talk to my kids at least once today” = “I need to finish that railing today”), and what you’ll get is a lifetime of pride. When all is said and done, and your kid/treehouse is the best that it can be because of the hard work YOU put into them, you get to pump your fist into the air and say “I did it.”


2. Treehouses CAN Be Cute

But aren’t treehouses super dirty and really shabby? Well, to put it plainly, not at all. Treehouses can be any shape or size you want it to be. In addition, plenty of Pete Nelson’s treehouses fall on the “cute meter” when it comes to décor, so if you need any ideas, check out the show! Just like a regular house, a treehouse can be transformed into a tree “home” as much as you want. It is your treehouse, after all.

SOURCE: Colorado Homes Magazine

1. A Family that Treehouses Together, Stays Together

One of my favorite treehouses by Pete is the “Sky High Pirate Hideaway”; a treehouse themed after pirates and wenches of the Caribbean. The family, a mom, dad, and three kids all love to go on scavenger hunts and pirate treasure adventures. Even their oldest daughter, 15, loves to get involved with the family tradition, so what better treehouse that defines the family than a pirate treehouse? It’s that kind of love and care that this family experiences together that really puts the experience of the treehouse over the edge. Especially if everyone pitches together and builds the treehouse together. Or, if you have no kids, that’s okay too. Like I said earlier, treehouses can be whatever you want it to be. If it’s made with love, then you’re doing it right.

SOURCE: Animal Planet

Would you consider building a treehouse?