Happy Tuesday, everybody! I hope my quillegible blog of happiness finds you well today, because today…is poetry day.


23. Write and share a poem or short story.

“So, is this what I expected?

A smile full of lies and eyes that are dead?

Or did I actually expect happiness?

The kind that’s found in your makeup that’s such a mess,

and curling all around in your fingers and toes?

Some people think that they don’t deserve better than that,

but in doing so they become too fat or too flat.

Is there really such thing as too much of anything?

I look in this mirror and I feel the usual sting

in my heart and in my head.

But now I’m starting to think it’s really all in my head.

People believe in different realities as they cried and bled

all over the place, trying to achieve the impossible.

It’s impossible because we think it’s impossible,

when really, why do we try to achieve in the first place?

So I’m going to step away now, before I lose my mind.

You’re impossible, mirror, and I hate it when you lie.

You’re cruel and unusual and you’re not even real.

It’s just my perception, my reality, just like a veil.

So I’m going to do what’s best for me, and step away from the mirror.”

SOURCE: Ravendelajour


Have you ever written a poem before? What was it about?