Happy Monday, everybody!

Since school has started/will start soon, what better way to talk about Disney this week than with Bill Nye the Science Guy? Because, let’s all admit it:


This was the best part of elementary/middle school.

Why is he so important, though? What makes him so special that he has shaped an entire generation into budding science nerds?

Let’s look at this like Bill Nye himself would!


Bill Nye (or William Sanford Nye) is not only a science educator and a television presenter, but also a mechanical engineer. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science at Cornell University, before moving on to making training films for Boeing. He got his start in television thanks to a local sketch comedy in Seattle called Almost Live! and continued to grow as “The Science Guy” until he began working for Disney in 1998. The rest, as they say, is history.

(SOURCE: SynysterShadow)

In every single one of these “Bill Nye the Science Guy” episodes, Nye runs amuck explaining basic scientific processes (earthquakes, the moon, volcanoes, etc.) with simple sentences and parody songs of popular 90’s hits. In addition, Nye’s assistants comprise of kids who are just as curious as the kids watching the show.

But surely he’s not the only guy who’s made science cool. What, then, makes Bill stand out from the rest? Other than the fact that he’s hilarious and easy to understand, what makes him so special?

That, my dear friends, all boils down to one certain tool. The classroom.


Because home video editions of Bill Nye the Science Guy are regularly available, school districts can easily access them and distribute them at their leisure. Whenever teachers wheel in that giant TV on that little cart, kids grow up knowing the name ‘Bill Nye’ like we know the names Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Plato, and so on.

It’s called ‘marketing’, and Disney’s very good at it…at least it’s for the purpose of education.

What’s your favorite school “tradition?”