SOURCE: JohnLennonAgain

On this day in 1960, the Beatles performed publicly for the first time ever in Hamburg at the Kaiserkeller.



The original club is now called Indra, which you can still visit if you’re anywhere near Hamburg.


The Beatles are famous for numerous reasons: they are the very first “boy band” ever, their songs are popular to this day, and they’ve become the major icon of the 60’s. They’ve influenced so much of our popular culture that there is nobody in this world who would not know at least a fraction of who the Beatles were.

In addition to Germany, the Beatles have also performed in the UK, Ireland, America, Sweden, the United States, Canada, Japan, and the Phillipines. They have won 22 awards; mostly consisting of Grammy awards (11 to be exact).

What’s really remarkable is that this is a place that isn’t some expensive theatre or luxurious hall, instead it’s a reminder that even the biggest stars get their start from somewhere.

Kaiserkeller remains to be one of the top ten clubs in Hamburg, and is a definite must if you’re ever travelling through Germany.