15. Write a Good Bye Letter to Summer.

Dear Summer,

Usually, I would have dreaded saying goodbye to you. All those happy nights of music, dancing, and watching fireworks have been some of the best memories of my life. Dad smoking on his smoker, Mom having a glass of wine with friends, and my brother and I playing games with our friends who would come over pretty much every day.

This summer, that was different, because I lived alone. And it sucked.

Suddenly, I had nothing and had nobody. There was no Dad with his smoker, no Mom with no wine, and all of the friends who I enjoyed summer with (including my brother) are a thousand miles away. Exactly.

This year, Summer, you and I were not friends. But as I’ve spent this last week with my family, I’ve realized that that’s okay. If there’s one lesson that I need to learn it’s that I can’t be a hermit. I’ve tried to be alone, I’ve tried to isolate myself for reasons of my own, and you’ve taught me that I shouldn’t do that for all the right reasons.

At the same time, though, you’ve shown me this blog. You’ve introduced me to the concept of using my writing to reach friends, family, and even people I don’t know. I’ve never felt this good about anything in a long, long time and if I hadn’t been living by myself this summer, I might never have discovered it.

So, it is with great excitement that I bid goodbye to you, Summer. For all the tears and all the joys, you’ve helped me learn more about myself than any of the previous years.



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