Happy August, everybody! I know I’ve said that many times already, but since this is technically still August, the greeting still applies (I love loopholes). What would we do without Pinterest? It’s not only one of the biggest apps of all time, it’s also one of the most useful apps of all time. What’s the difference between big and useful? Let me explain: other big apps would include game apps such as Javelin Masters 3 and Haunt the House, but other than playing them and talking about them, they’re not particularly useful.

Pinterest is different simply because the communication between other users is unlike anything Facebook or Twitter has to offer because of users posting pictures, not statuses. To celebrate what Pinterest does, here are the top 7 Pins that I’ve pinned that I would like to do before the end of the year (whether that’s school year or end of 2016, I’m not quite sure yet). Why top 7? Because there are seven total books in the original Harry Potter series.


Disney Running Playlist


I’ve been wanting to do a runDisney for some time now, and while I don’t necessarily have the funds for it, that doesn’t mean I can’t train for it. This looks like a great playlist to try out, and it will definitely get me in the mood for anything Disney has to offer.


Navigli, Italy


I’m a sucker for travelling, but if there’s a particular place with hanging lights like this, then I might as well head there now cause it’s SO PRETTY! Too bad I’m a broke college student though. But one day…one day…until then maybe I’ll find another place with hanging lights like that. Like San Antonio for instance. The River Walk is pretty too!


The Sherlock Game


Sorry the quality isn’t the best, so for those of you who can’t read that well, basically you play Clue and Jenga simultaneously by putting Professor Plum on top of the Jenga tower and play clue as normal. Anytime an accusation is disproved, the accuser has to remove a block. The point of course is to solve the crime and prevent Sherlock from taking the fall. I have the Clue game (and the Harry Potter version as a matter of fact) so it would be awesome to prevent Harry or Hermione from falling.


DIY Notebooks


Since school is starting soon, it would be really fun to take dollar store notebooks and make them special and personal for my upcoming junior year. I don’t know if you guys can tell yet, but I like to think of myself as a creative person.


Seniors T-Shirt


Am I a senior? No, as I’ve mentioned my upcoming junior year earlier. Would I like to do this with other future seniors? Absolutely. I feel like it would be awesome to have a bunch of random seniors walking around campus during Gig’Em Week just to get a laugh out of everybody. Who’s in?


Candy Bar Wrappers


These candy bar wrappers are not only adorable, but also work as great gifts regardless of the time of year or occasion. Someone’s birthday? Here’s your name on it! Need to feel better? Here’s something to brighten your day! The only thing I worry about is Texas heat and chocolate. They don’t mix well very often.


The Happiness Jar


This one will be the most fun to read after a single school year. It’ll be kind of like a diary or a journal, except instead of just writing on paper and let it sit there, it becomes a note and becomes more eye-catching. If I did this for a whole school year, I wonder what kind of memories I’ll have in the jar in May.


Do you have pins on your board that you’d like to try?










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