7. What about Fall are you looking forward to most?

Some people think that time is stagnant,

a wave that can be measured with our planet.

Or something that cannot be controlled,

as we are forced to be held under the mold.

To think in such ways leaves them stuck,

glued to autonomy like sticks to a muck.


To think about Fall in the same way is sickly,

it makes time pass by too quickly.

While I do enjoy the saccharine traditions,

I refuse to think about it with ambitions.


Time is relative, and should be respected as such.

We can choose to measure it as some crutch,

or we can choose to see it for what it really is:

the greatest gift in the universe.


What I look forward to the most about that is what will happen now,

and I encourage you to join me in taking that vow.


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