Hello, everyone! (Or as we like to say down here in good ol’ College Station, howdy!) Fun fact: did you know that Big Hero 6 is the first Marvel movie to be released by Disney Studios, yet does not take place in the actual Marvel cinematic universe? So much for Tadashi and Thor having a “who’s the better big brother” showdown! (Too soon? Oops. Sorry.)


Anyways, today is Day 6 of the August Blogging Challenge, so as promised here is yet another August blog. Today’s prompt:

6. Tips for Dressing for Super-Hot Weather

Now, since this is Texas, and technically the only rule is “don’t wear black if you want to live in August in Texas”, I decided to have fun and have a lookbook of sorts of different outfits that could be worn in Texas without sweating too much.

Texas Waves: Tank Top – H&M, High-Rise Shorts – Forever 21, Denim Overlay Shirt – Red Tulips, Necklaces – Charming Charlie’s
Wildflower: Tank Top – H&M, Long Necklace – Charming Charlie’s, Rose Necklace – Kohl’s, Shorts – Rue 21
Sunset: Dress – Gift, Necklace – Charming Charlie’s, Belt – Kohl’s

Sorry these pictures aren’t the best, but with the one man show I’ve got right now, I’ve just gotta make do with what I got! If you guys want more fashion or want to see these pieces in action, let me know in the comments down below or on that glorious Contact page!

2 thoughts on “August – Day 6

  1. Very cute! I bet that dress would be great with cowboy boots! Do you dare wear those in August in Texas?

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