Carl Lewis, entertainer and entrepreneur, competed in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California. There, on August 4th, he became the first Olympian since Jesse Owens to win gold in four events: the Long Jump, the 100 m, the 200 m, and the 400 m relay.

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Born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1961, Carl Lewis grew up with Martin Luther King Jr. leading the way to equal rights for white and black people for the entire country. Starting with the year he was born, Lewis lived with Freedom Rides, the JFK assassination, the Civil Rights Act signed into law by President Johnson, and the death of King in 1968 after King was shot in a motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

16 years after King was laid to rest, Lewis competed and won those stunning four gold medals. He continued competing in the Olympics until the 90’s, continuing to win gold for America and, in 2001, was inducted into the Hall of Fame for all of his accomplishments. In addition, Lewis’ world record of 9.86 minutes during the 100 m event in 1991 remains unbroken.

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Lewis’ legacy began on August 4th, 1984. Now in 2016 Lewis is happily married with three kids and continuing his profession as an entertainer.

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