Hello and welcome to my quillegible blog of happiness! Today is August 4th, 2016, and you know what that means…more blogs! I’m continuing my August blogging challenge with a little twist this time. On Day 4 the blogging prompt asked for the best back-to-school blog posts. One slight problem though…I don’t know any blogs. So, I changed it up a bit to not include blog posts but commercials. Which are the most memorable, which are the funniest, and which are the cutest.

(Courtesy of candihanks)

This commercial may remind you more of Christmas than going back to school, and given the fact that the kids will finally be out of the house, that’s probably what Staples was going for back in 1996. Needless to say, they were able to get the message across pretty easily, and Dad’s joyous attitude is certainly infectious.

(Courtesy of Baker Ellie)

Who said ‘Yo Mama’ jokes have to be offensive? Not only are the kids actually acting like kids (and not making it uncomfortable for the viewer) but there’s nothing grand about this commercial. It’s just a bunch of kids hanging out at recess which gives the atmosphere a level of realism. Kmart gave their products personality, and in doing so, made them more marketable to potential consumers.

(Courtesy of Target)

This commercial is short, sweet, and empowering. It advertises its products subtly and allows the underlying message to take center stage, which you really don’t see all that often in commercials. More often than not, it’s usually the other way around. Or, there would be no message at all. But what Target (and a lot of other companies are doing these days) is what I consider a major improvement by giving consumers a chance to feel like they’re putting an investment in something – even something as simple as a T-shirt.

(Courtesy of Commercials Funny)

For some reason the commercial plays twice in this video, but for a commercial about yogurt, GoGurt has really matured in 2016, at least for this one clip. It demonstrates how important parents are in their children’s education as they grow up, and how it’s not just the teachers who have this responsibility. It’s not only cute and endearing but a good reminder right before the school year starts.


Now are these the only back to school commercials in the existence of commercials? No, of course not, and there are definitely commercials that I don’t/shouldn’t talk about for obvious reasons (although, if you have a weird sense of humor like I do, go look up tube sock school commercial on Youtube).

But one of the questions you may have is, why are all the commercials centered around kids? Why not college? Well, if I did a back to school commercial list centered around going back to college, I’d only have one commercial:

(Courtesy of Cold Chedda) #sellout #pleasegivememoney

So, those are some of the best back to school commercials that I think are out there, regardless of year and brand. Is there a particular commercial you enjoy? Or is there another back to school tradition you like?