Happy Wednesday, everybody! Today is perhaps one of my most favorite parts of the week – Creative Wednesday! A few weeks ago, I started Creative Wednesday by making a few dreamcatchers to off set the fact that some businesses will most definitely rip you off if you’re too caught up in the bohemia trend.

This week, we’re taking a classic college dorm room idea – hanging photos on a wall – and escalating it to the nth degree: bringing in some fresh air to a stereotypical college idea.

The blank canvas before le piece de resistance.

These shutters were stuffed away on my aunt’s ranchette, and had been part of the family for some time. I cleaned them off as best I could, but the remaining bits of dirt I just couldn’t get off. These shutters are going to replace the string of lights which college girls like myself love to use.


Because I didn’t just want to hang the pictures by themselves, I got scrapbook paper from Walmart for $5 to add dimension and to tie the structure in with my travel-themed room.



After I finished cutting and taping my photos to their respective frames, I set to work clothespining everything on the shutter boards. Luckily the clothespins were big enough to fit (they were pretty small!).

I also included greeting cards, invitations, other crafts, and loads of other mementos from my past two years of college. Better than to clutter them in a storage box somewhere, right?


Now, for the last (and in my humble opinion, best) part: STICKERS!

Again, travel themed…I really want to travel the world one day.

And, there you have it! A re-imagining of the classic photos on string lights idea. Starting with shutters as the base instead of string, I was able to not only include pictures, but also greeting cards, larger items, and even some other things as well.

Ta-da! Le piece de resistance is complete!

So, what do you think? How can you re-imagine a typical form of decoration? Let me know in the comments down below. Or, if you have a particular crafty idea, hit me up on the Contact page.