Day 2: Your must-have office supplies

Hopefully, blogging supplies count! TGIT, everybody! Another day, another chance to go outside, enjoy the sun, and count down one less day until school starts up again. Since I’ve started my blog in July, there have been three major tools I’ve used to keep my blog on track and make sure it’s up, running, and looking good!

My Laptop

This one is obvious: how can you have a blog without a computer? For me, I use my Hewlett-Packard Notebook that I’ve had for about three years now (my God, that long?!). It’s great: works well with different wifis (usually), has a good capacity for memory, and is relatively easy to use. There have been times where I’ve had to send it in due to different technical issues, but what computer lover hasn’t had to deal with technical difficulties?

My Planner

Yesterday, I emphasized that it’s so important to not only have a planner, but also use it. Well, here I am practicing what I preach. My planner was only $8 at Barnes and Noble, but you can pretty much buy them anywhere, even those cheesy tourist stores in any town. I chose this particular one because the cover says ‘Keep Calm And Have a Good Year’. Even though that saying went out of fashion years ago, it’s more of a reminder for myself than a statement.


I purchased this app because it came in a bundle with the WritePad app, which is also great, but I use PhatPad much more because it’s such a great app to organize my thoughts. I can’t express how much I love/need this thing. You can draw charts, make lists, and even record thoughts with its built-in microphone feature. When I finished, I usually save my chart as an image, so that I can find it in my Photos app and work from there, but that step isn’t mandatory, since there’s tons of ways to save your work.


I would highly recommend all of these for those who are starting my blog. I know that these won’t be the only tools I’ll use for forever, but for starting a blog, they’re the perfect items to keep in my tool belt.

What do you think? Is there a specific item/tool that you can’t live without?