It’s officially August 1st, which means only a few more weeks of summer bliss to enjoy before we’re all crammed into our respective classrooms. After school starts, there’ll be no more water parks, no more late nights of fireflies or outdoor concerts, or any other iconic summer activities that we’ve all loved since the time we were small. To celebrate, I’ve decided to take up an August blogging challenge that I found on Pinterest that’ll hopefully make the transition easier for everyone.

Day 1: Tips on Getting Organized for School

Growing up in a naturally organized family, it was easy for me to be motivated to stay on top of my game up until high school graduation. College…not so much. It’s hard to stay focused and motivated when you’re busy trying to figure out what is important in your life and what you want to do. Doesn’t help when they tell you that no matter what you pick for your degree, you won’t really need it for a job that’ll pay your bills. But hopefully these tips (based on my own personal experience) will help you not only stay organized for school but also help you find a happiness that’s beyond paying bills. This isn’t necessarily a list, but more so a collection of experiences that I think are all equally important.

Have a planner…AND USE IT!

This one technically counts as two tips, but since they intertwine so much, it seemed only fair to put them both together. Why? Because you can have as many planners as you want, what I’ve learned is that if you don’t use them, nothing will come of it. Nothing gets done, the planners collect dust, and there’s infinitely more stress involved than there should be. Don’t just have a planner…use it.

Work vs. Play

Just as much as there’s time to work and play, so is there a place. When I do work in my dorm or my apartment, I’ll get it done, but I’ll never leave. If I go to a café, however, or a library, then my work is more meaningful and overall just looks better. Case in point: my Monument Valley piece from a few days ago was written from my apartment. It’s done, but it’s sloppy at best. With this post, I’m writing from a library, and it’s more organized.

If you don’t meditate, pray…if you don’t pray, meditate

No matter what religion or ethnicity or race you are, there’s a huge stress on praying/meditating not just because it gives you a chance to connect with your special deity or being, but also gives you a chance to clear your mind. I’ve tried both, and while meditation helps me sleep, praying helps me find solutions and, if I’m lucky, opportunities are presented to me relatively quickly. It’s different for everyone, but to stay organized in school and in life, praying or meditating is a must.

Reach Out to Friends

Just as every healthy diet recommends a cheat day, I’m recommending spending time away from the textbooks just getting to know the friendly acquaintances who you’ve met or you’ve known over the years. Even if it’s just a phone call, reaching out to friends can give you real peace of mind on top of all of the other benefits that come with social interaction. For those of us who don’t make friends easily, this tip is especially important, as it sometimes seems easier to lose friends than make them.

Set Goals

Before this year, I’ve only been semi-focused on doing well academically. So, this is just as much a new tip for me as it is for you. Setting goals for academics is all fine and dandy, but what about goals for social life? Even if it’s something as simple as “say hi to a new person every day”, having a goal like that could impact you in a beautiful way. It’s something that I’m willing to try, and I hope you are too.

So, Day 1 is complete! What are some tips for college or life in general that you would recommend?

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