Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first Creative Wednesday post! So a lot of Bohemian style has become incredibly popular with today’s generation of young adults, especially vintage style decorations such as arrows, deer heads, and multi-colored prayer flags. But as I scrolled through Pinterest a few days ago, I noticed something odd: a dream catcher on Etsy priced at $75. $75?! That’s my entire grocery budget in a week, times three! Knowing that this must be some slight exaggeration (Bohemian is meant to be cheap, after all), I decided to undergo my own crafting extravaganza to see whether I can make my own dream catcher for less.

Included: One embroidery hoop, one ball of yarn, a bag of randomly assorted ribbons, and a charm for the center.
For all my supplies, I went to Hobby Lobby (an intoxicating playground for crafters like myself). The supplies pictured above cost me about $12-$14 at the most, including tax. So, there’s saving approximately $60 from the perils of overpriced merchandise. But what about actually making the items? Well, since dream catchers vary and can be made in any particular style, I chose something that would not only be cute, but easy, with only a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors to help.

Okay…so far not too hard…
Step One: Wrap embroidery hoop with ribbon. The ribbon itself should be about 2 yards long. The hoop is about 8″ in circumference.

All done! All it took was scissors and glue to secure it!






Step Two: Tie a ribbon on top of the loop, as shown in the picture to the left. Make sure it’s big enough to hang on the wall. Then attach yarn to the loop with hot glue and begin stringing.

Should look like this: it’s okay if your center isn’t center…mine isn’t either.





Step Three: Embellish the center of your dream catcher with a charm (optional) and add ribbons, feathers, and other materials to the bottom of your dream catcher.

My charm is a silhouette of a Native American Chief. Yours can be whatever you want!


I made two other dream catchers that I’m thinking of selling for about $15 each. Here’s what they look like:

One represents #blacklivesmatter, and the other represents #policelivesmatter. As someone who was raised to think with an open mind, I find myself supporting both movements, because I firmly believe that they are both centered around one thing: hope. And I made these extra dream catchers because I want to share that same dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had with all of you guys. And I don’t think that dream means one group gets the whole table to themselves: but rather, all groups get to share the table.

Are you a crafty soul? What was the most fun craft you’ve ever made?